Huginn X1
The Huginn X1 is designed as a total solution, capable of handling a great variaty of reconnaissance flights and operations.
  • Deployed in a few minutes
  • Altitude Range up to 10,000 feet AMSL
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Search & Rescue

Tactical Operations
  • Rapid damage assessment
  • People thermal search
  • Massive Area GPS Waypoint inspection
  • Camp Assessment and inspection

Law Enforcement & Defense

Tactical Operations
  • Close aerial inspection and documentation
  • Inaccesible and delicate inspection
  • Ultra fast deployment and reconnaissance unit
  • Real time video feed, risk assessment tool

National Security, Forestry & Ecology

National Security, Forestry & Ecology
  • High Altitude, Agriculture and Forestry inspection
  • Border control and large are mapping
  • Surveillance and image-surface plotting
  • GPS Coordinate plotting and Geo-mapping

Industrial and Engineering tasks

Surveillance and Observation
  • Multifunctional inspection intrument
  • Thermal imagery and precise video-feedback
  • Hi-Resolution Photography
  • Indispensible assertation and monitoring tool

Huginn X1 helps humanitarian NGOs in Philippines typhoon aftermath

Anthea Technologies is happy to share that Danoffice IT, the Huginn X1 approved reseller for UN and Non Governemental Organizations (NGOs), provides manpower and drones to support relief activity after Haiyan typhoon.
The Huginn X1 provides Direct Relief and Catholic Relief Services with a more rapid assessment of the Typhoon damages, so the humanitarian organizations can learn where to focus their efforts.

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Against Poaching

Huginn X1 presented on Danish TV

Danish national TV channel, DR, broadcasted a prime time program on civil drones. Here is a summary in English with focus on the Huginn X1:
“The Huginn X1 drone from Sky-Watch is easy to operate and very reliable. It flies in temperatures from -20°C and up to 50°C, in rain, snow and dust. All of this makes it very attractive for many businesses. For instance, a fire brigade can monitor the development of a fire. Also Rescue teams can get quick overview of accidents like the train accident exercise shown, etc.”

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Anthea Technologies Reseller Conference

All Anthea Technologies resellers gathered for a 2-day working session in Svendborg, Denmark.

Participants could attend Huginn X1 product demonstrations and review worldwide progress.

  • Outside demonstration 
  • Control device demonstration


Against Poaching

Anthea Technologies launches AGAINST POACHING CSR activity

Poaching is a serious issue that needs to be tackled urgently. Illegal killings of elephants and rhinos are rising.
Anthea Technologies supported by the Danish UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) manufacturer Sky-Watch and its authorized reseller for UN and NGOs, Danoffice IT, have decided to contribute through a Corporate Social Responsibility activity named AGAINST POACHING.
We want to build awareness, donate and bring technologies to support this cause.

WE want to stop the horrifying killing of wild animals.
What do YOU want?

Join our movement “AGAINST POACHING”: