Huginn X1

The Huginn X1 is designed as a total solution, capable of handling a great variaty of reconnaissance flights and operations.
The sonar makes Huginn X1 capable of performing automatic take-offs and landings. This enables the operator to focus on the task at hand. The high precision GPS facilitates autonomous waypoint navigation and the sonar, together with pressure sensor, makes Huginn X1 able to maintain its height.

Core Capabilities:

  • Deployed in a few minutes
  • Altitude Range up to 10,000 feet AMSL
  • Flight time up to 25 min.
  • Wind tolerance for stable video up to 10 m/s
  • Drone weight 1,390 gr. (excluding payload)
  • Foldable airframe
  • Operational in rain, snow and dust
  • Stealth altitude 150m


These features combined makes Huginn X1 the total solution for a broad range of both external and internal inspections, monitoring, surveillance and reconnaissance tasks. Huginn X1 is designed to be used after only a minimum of training and by people with little or no technical knowledge. The system is capable of vertical take-off and landing, which enables the unit to be launched without any launch mechanism and land without a landing pad.

Its small size allows you to transport the Huginn X1 as hand luggage on planes or in the back of a car. With a deployment time of less than one minute, the Huginn X1 is the perfect tool for reaching otherwise inaccessible or dangerous areas.


                    Unique X1 features

LIVE VIDEO - The Live Video improves the foundation for decision making in the field through real time intelligence collection. The dual camera enables switching between thermal and daylight on the go, thus optimizing the operation time. The thermal camera enables night time reconnaissance and may help to prevent ambushes as well as identifying potential hostiles.    
SONAR - The built-in sonar, helps the Huginn X1 detect the ground and obstacles below, thus enabling auto take-off and landing. This drastically reduces the need for trained operators.    
STEALTH - Due to its small footprint and low noise, the Huginn X1 is virtually invisible at an altitude of approx. 150 m. This allows the Huginn X1 to approach potential hostiles or overfly areas without being detected.    
PORTABILITY - The Portability of the Huginn X1 makes it easy to carry during missions. During transport it can be mounted on standard equipment or carried as hand luggage. With a setup time of less than one minute the operator can get a fast overview of intense situations where rapid response is of the essence, improving the foundation for decision making.    
RUGGED DESIGN - The construction of the Huginn X1 is rugged, and allows the unit to be operated in rough environments s.a. deserts or remote mountain villages. The Huginn X1 performs its mission regardless of drizzle, light snowing or dust, thereby expanding the operational area.    
AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT - The Huginn X1 is 100% autonomous, making it capable of operating beyond the line of sight. The autonomy of the Huginn X1 makes it easy to collect intelligence as well as coordinate indirect fire from a-far. This reduces the need to put soldiers in the line of fire, thus potentially reducing casualties. By minimizing the level of input needed, the soldier may focus on the task at hand. The system requires only 1-2 days of training and basic control skills can be learned within minutes so the need for a highly trained operator is thereby redundant.    
VERTICAL TAKE OFF & LANDING - The Vertical take off and landing capability expands the range of operational theaters where theHuginn X1 can be inserted, as it can be launched from confined areas. The Huginn X1 does not require any form of launch mechanism or landing pad; it can be launched from a slope surface as well as from a vehicle. This reduces the chance of a crash during landing, thus reducing the down time of the system. The VTOL capability also enables the Huginn X1 to hover in the air as close as 40 cms from the ground, increasing the usability in urban environments and inspections of potential IEDs.    
DUAL CAMERA - The Dual Camera capability gives more versatility in different operations, as it enables switching between thermal and daylight camera during flight. With the thermal camera the operator can find changes in surface temperature in order to search for persons or to find suspects in rough terrains regardless whether it’s day or night. Reducing the need for manual helicopters and search dogs, the Huginn X1 can save lives and cut costs at the same time. The benefits of having a thermal camera when investigating a crime scene are many.    
PERCHING - Together with stealth, the perching function enables the Huginn X1 to transcend from only being an eye in the sky, with limited operation time to a movable surveillance camera with much longer operation time. For demonstrations, riots and large events the perching capability provides the police with an agile surveillance system.    
MINIMUM OF FLIGHT TRAINING - It requires only a minimum of training to control the Huginn X1. The simplicity of the system means that Huginn X1 can be used by a large number of persons. This minimizes the dependence and increases the areas of application. As the system requires only 1-2 days of training and basic control skills that can be learned within minutes, the need for a highly trained operator is redundant. The flexibility of Huginn X1 helps to reduce the waiting time for specialized equipment or people required for a specific task.  

                    Download the Huginn X1 User Manual here